For some, Memorial Day is every day. If anyone in your family’s history was killed in the line of duty, the devastation spans generations. Worse yet, widows and widowers with children live with the tragedy daily. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF) currently establishes a $35,000 educational account for every child who loses a parent serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Navy Corpsman or as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent. Since 1995, MC-LEF has awarded over $90 million in educational and other humanitarian assistance to over 4,700 recipients. With only one paid employee, the vast majority of their efforts are performed by a dedicated group of volunteers. We are proud to be part of this family of support.

Intecells proprietary battery technology is a vastly smaller footprint with zero wet chemistry (no toxic slurry). This was promoted at The Detroit Auto Show and the Battery Show, via our video and booth design (partially shown).

We hear a lot about solar. 60Hertz computerized management software gets the panels to speak to their owners. Click to watch.

An animated SFX video for ideaBOX (cyber security solutions), front-ended with a custom “donut” for specific vertical deployment. Click to watch.

We own a video production company. Every client gets the same thinking and expertise regardless of budget. "Production Value," is not about budget, it's about the experience and expertise of the production team.

AT&T's brief: “We want a social media angle this year for our college program, but we have to go guerrilla on campuses.” Our contest to college students: "Tell us a phone rule everyone should follow and post your photo or video with a hashtag on social." 6% response rate nationally. Video, contest and retail deals sweetened sign up. Click to watch.

Online web TV for the Haitian community on island and select markets in the US. In some countries, the phone is the only way to watch video.

Our first big event was the new stadium groundbreaking in 2006. Fast forward to The Hall of Fame Cooperstown induction in 2019 with center stage shared by Yankees Legends and Orioles Legends. These pylons were ubiquitous throughout Cooperstown venue and provided a synopsis of 12 Yankees and 12 Orioles career highlights. MLB, HOF, added to the approvals from the clubs as two teams were involved. In 2021, it was #2’s turn. Much easier.

Trade shows may only benefit the trade show promoters. Everyone knows they are circuses. How you stand out is everything. Our 3-D designs always make for affordable re-cladding as messaging can change from year to year. Our guerilla tactics work well, too.

Let's talk taglines. "If we’re not standing behind it, you shouldn’t be standing on it." This #2 carpet brand just wanted to be the best #2 they could be. The highwater mark for this positioning was a broadcast campaign that was co-opted by all 80 retail chains at $100,000 each – a wildly profitable coop campaign for every stakeholder.

This promotional program achieved 17% sales increase, nationally, in its third year. In year one we had an under the cap/bottle wrap program with a $10 gift certificate. 1.5 billion bottles imprinted, too.

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